About Us

Nanomaterial at high magnification

Inmatech is developing next generation supercapacitor devices that incorporate low-cost, high-performance materials in proprietary designs.  Supercapacitors offer a combination of energy and power that complements other electrochemical storage and conversion devices, including batteries and fuel cells. Inmatech’s supercapacitors based on low-cost materials and unique cell design results in higher energy densities that extend the range and cycle lives of batteries in hybrid energy storage systems.

Our team — led by Les Alexander CEO, Co-Founders Professor Levi Thompson, Dr. Saemin Choi, Dr. Paul Rasmussen and Dr. Stefan Heinemann — formed through the University of Michigan, where we work, teach, invent and collaborate. The U-M Office of Technology Transfer helps us leverage the commercial potential of our innovation, by licensing the product, attracting investment and actively moving it from lab to commercial marketplace.

Our devices are inherently safe because we apply aqueous electrolytes (non-flammable). The combination of performance, cost and safety offered by our supercapacitors will enable significant expansion of important electrical energy storage markets including automotive, smart grid and defense.

Inmatech aims to commercialize its next generation supercapacitors and systems within key markets, through strategic partnerships, these industries are likely to leverage Inmatech’s innovative supercapacitors, which offer three times higher energy storage density and ten times lower cost compared to other commercial devices.



Our scientific innovation at the technical forefront is paired with market relevance, as shown by more than three patents with one licenses or options to license.

Les Alexander, CEO

Founded in 2011
Current leadership since 2015

Primary Business: Energy Storage

Sites in Michigan: 2
Sites elsewhere: 0

Full time equivalent employees:

6 in 2015
16 expected in 2016